India in Battle Over Hindu Temple’s Treasures

In the town of Kerala sits the Padmanabhaswamy temple, where for over 1,000 years worshippers would come and go without any idea of the fortunes of gems and gold sitting below them.

Opening of the vaults below the temple revealed these treasures estimated at around $21 billion. This is believed to have been collected over the years when worshippers would donate amounts according to their weight or if they missed worship they would pay a fine in gold.

The argument has erupted where the Kerala government believes the treasures should be there, but the 400 million residents believe that it should be handed to the smaller palace, as it was originally the treasures of the god Vishnu. Now unlike electricity rates or a winrar free download, these treasures mean something to the people; they are years’ worth of collections which should be handed to their rightful owners.

Without having an online finance degree it’s obvious that $21 billion is a lot of money, so it’s no surprise that the government has sealed the vaults and has them guarded by gunned men twenty four hours a day, while a full inventory is taken.

It is believed that the full inventory can take up to a year in the vaults, which have been named A to F and only then decisions will be made on what to do with this large sum of gems and gold, which include jewelry and other historical items.

You can get a healthcare mba or an online masters degree programs online, but you cannot find historical treasures like this, that actually mean something to the people of the area.

The residents of Kerala fear that should the treasures be released to the government, they will not be used wisely and will be gone within weeks. They believe that the government has no right to make a decision on the wish of their god Vishnu and the treasures should rather be handed over to the smaller palace.

You have to understand where these residents are coming from, it’s their temple and their town and they have strong beliefs, it’s not like a simple decision on buying chin up bars or web design labels, the decision on who gets the treasure cannot be taken lightly.

It looks as though this argument is going to go on for at least another year or two leaving the right to the treasures up in the air and anyone’s guess on who will get them. You will find one day a click here button on the internet that will tell you the outcome.

But for now only a few select people can enter the temple and are thoroughly searched on entering and leaving by the guards. If you think about it if you need an Electrician Sydney or San Diego Flooring you can do a simple online search and you are welcomed with a choice of results. These residents won’t have a say in what happens to the treasure, they will have to wait until the decision is made and accept the outcome.