Discoveries of Ancient Pyramids

Everyone knows what pyramids are, though there are many thoughts as to what they are and what they represent. The majority of pyramids are located in Egypt where there are over one hundred and thirty eight of these impressive triangular structures. It is believed that they were mostly built as tombs for dead Pharaohs with many of them dating back to the 2600’s BCE.

You do not play games with the pyramids as they are ancient structures and while some believe that they were built as tombs, many believe that they were built for other reasons, some even believe they were built by aliens that invaded the earth many years ago.

Recently ancient pyramids have been found in Orvieto in central Italy. These Etruscan pyramids were found by American and Italian archaeologists under a building. It’s believed that the area was once struck by volcanoes which covered the pyramids, only to be found now many years later. It’s like playing a game isn’t it, the archaeologists are playing a hide and seek game, a temple run game and searching online the same as you would for tom hill, will give you more information.

Another three pyramids were recently discovered in Antarctica by American and European explorers. The pyramids were jutting out of the melting ice and while not much information has been released on the find there are many photographs online. Do a simple search the same as you would if you were trying to find a dentist.

Around the World

Ancient pyramids are actually popping up around the world and while there is no trust deed on these interesting formations, it shows that these structures were built not only in Egypt, where they are a major tourist attraction.

New discoveries have found ancient pyramids in Mexico, Bosnia, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Serbia and France. In fact over three hundred of these pyramids have been located in central China.

What does this all mean? You have to wonder that if these were used as tombs for ancient Pharaohs, were these Pharaohs around the world all those thousands of years ago or do these structures have a different meaning.

As more and more discoveries unfold we find that pyramids were popular around the globe, in fact one of the few areas that has not been explored is the Asia-Pacific areas. In a world filled with fighting, car accidents and heart ache, there is so much more to be explored and seen.

Finding the Pyramids

Every day we get up and head off to work, we come home again and the next day is the same, it’s a way of life. But there are people out there whose lives are finding these pyramids, finding the ancient artifacts which gives us insight into life thousands of years ago.

Pyramids are popping up throughout the world and one day we will understand what these structures were used for and why they were so popular. I think it’s really hard to believe that everyone around the world had the same idea on what a tomb should look like.