What to consider before taking up archaeology as a profession

The world that we see today has evolved from something completely different that existed thousands of years ago. Civilizations have come, civilizations have been washed out. Wars have taken place, empires have fallen. Yet, while reading a history book one often wonders as to how historians managed to go so deep into the layers of time and find out such details about ancient civilizations. Very often, I often wondered how these historians managed to find out exactly what the people in these civilizations did. The answer is actually not that complicated; archaeologists do al the findings that can be studied further for history to be written.  Archaeologists can dig deep into the earth and find out things about ancient civilizations via the multiple remains from the buildings, utensils, armor and equipment of these civilizations. Furthermore, what these people wore in their time can also be found out via the remains of the dead bodies of the people from these civilizations. Of course, it requires a lot of hard work on the archaeologist’s part. This post will give some tips to individuals who wish to take up archaeology as a profession and the various factors that they need to keep in mind.

First of all, you need to have the absolute love for history. You simply cannot expect to become an archaeologist if you don’t find history very interesting.  History should be something that you think about while surfing the internet, while talking to others, while listening to songs and even while buying soundcloud plays! You see, what I am trying to say is that you just need to love history as much as one possibly can.  Without this love for history, you simply cannot expect to get anything done in this career.

Secondly, you can’t only rely on your love for history. Yu obviously do need some formal education in archaeology. This is for all those people who believe that everyone with a spade who starts digging up the earth is an archaeologist. It takes a lot more than a spade to unfold the layers of time.  The process can be extremely long and requires lots of patience. At times, you may not find anything for months at a stretch and at that point you may need to counter your stress by buying the best kratom capsules available.

You need make sure that you don’t mind travelling as well. You see, archaeological sites don’t make their way to you; you need to go to them. So it shouldn’t really come as a surprise to you if you wake up in one country one day and another the other day; your job will require extensive travelling! If you think you can’t handle that, it is a better option for you to stay away from archaeology!

These are just a few basic tips that are designed to help you with your decision. Of course, if you are seriously interested in the career, you must seek proper counseling before making any such decision.

Archaeological survey of Asia

Of whether Archaeology is a separate discipline or just a small part of Anthropology its subjects are hot topics in education which merely study or deal with prehistoric natives of one region and its culture. And when we speak of the latter, Asia is a great subject—enriched with culture and tradition brought from ancient times onward.

Human evolution is in sync around the globe. If one group from the region started from Stone Age, it went the same with the rest. But cultural evolution is entirely different which can be seen not just through practices, human behavior  but also by the establishments around them. The Ibiza churches, for instance, are not the ecclesiastical type common to churches from somewhere else. They are built in stronghold commemorating it as a place of refuge from pirates that were once attacking the island. But when we speak of strictly cultural, we see Asia as more enriched in this aspect than that of the others. In fact, in this large continent dwell a hundreds to thousands of ethnicities taking pride of their respective cultures that remain preserved and practiced at present times. Archaeological survey of Asia will not just speak of artifacts and prehistoric events but will also take into consideration the native products in the area that take a huge part in culture and tradition of one ethnic group. The coconut for skin that we are using nowadays is the same coconut that prehistoric people used as healing treatment. Only now, it has been treated with other chemicals or substance to enhance its benefits while long ago, along with it were chants and spells to cure an illness.

Surveying through the landscape of Asia is not confined to its vastness alone. The neighbouring regions will be taken into consideration, as well, to determine the influences that led to a practice, rite, or to any discovery from archive, or a good known to the region since time immemorial that is still heralded as an important contributor to the economy to-date like the distribution of ceramics in Southwest Asia. Aside from the actual investigation, Archaeologists keep on reading relevant materials to maximize the availability of information and make use of them prior to excavation. Excavating an area for a possible discovery of a search is the next step to survey.

Surveying Asia for Archaeological practice makes use of modern gadgets like satellite imagery. This is done prior to actual visit of a target location or even after for remote sensing follow-up for what has already been studied, initially. There are movie trailers that can be located in the web that show how remote sensing is done and how it benefits many Scientists and Archaeologists. These two aforementioned disciplines are always intertwined in functions which made some assume that archaeology is a Science rather than Humanity.

Discoveries of Ancient Pyramids

Everyone knows what pyramids are, though there are many thoughts as to what they are and what they represent. The majority of pyramids are located in Egypt where there are over one hundred and thirty eight of these impressive triangular structures. It is believed that they were mostly built as tombs for dead Pharaohs with many of them dating back to the 2600’s BCE.

You do not play games with the pyramids as they are ancient structures and while some believe that they were built as tombs, many believe that they were built for other reasons, some even believe they were built by aliens that invaded the earth many years ago.

Recently ancient pyramids have been found in Orvieto in central Italy. These Etruscan pyramids were found by American and Italian archaeologists under a building. It’s believed that the area was once struck by volcanoes which covered the pyramids, only to be found now many years later. It’s like playing a game isn’t it, the archaeologists are playing a hide and seek game, a temple run game and searching online the same as you would for tom hill, will give you more information.

Another three pyramids were recently discovered in Antarctica by American and European explorers. The pyramids were jutting out of the melting ice and while not much information has been released on the find there are many photographs online. Do a simple search the same as you would if you were trying to find a dentist.

Around the World

Ancient pyramids are actually popping up around the world and while there is no trust deed on these interesting formations, it shows that these structures were built not only in Egypt, where they are a major tourist attraction.

New discoveries have found ancient pyramids in Mexico, Bosnia, Spain, Greece, Croatia, Serbia and France. In fact over three hundred of these pyramids have been located in central China.

What does this all mean? You have to wonder that if these were used as tombs for ancient Pharaohs, were these Pharaohs around the world all those thousands of years ago or do these structures have a different meaning.

As more and more discoveries unfold we find that pyramids were popular around the globe, in fact one of the few areas that has not been explored is the Asia-Pacific areas. In a world filled with fighting, car accidents and heart ache, there is so much more to be explored and seen.

Finding the Pyramids

Every day we get up and head off to work, we come home again and the next day is the same, it’s a way of life. But there are people out there whose lives are finding these pyramids, finding the ancient artifacts which gives us insight into life thousands of years ago.

Pyramids are popping up throughout the world and one day we will understand what these structures were used for and why they were so popular. I think it’s really hard to believe that everyone around the world had the same idea on what a tomb should look like.

Ancient Treasure Hunt: Rediscovering Cultures and Traditions

People have always been fascinated with things of the old. Discovering relics and items from thousands of years not only brings excitement. Also, it unlocks the door towards self-discovery. The present is usually best understood by familiarizing centuries of rich culture and history. Some ancient treasure hunters do not only hunt specifically to sell items for a living. Some may be doing this stuff as a means to creatively explore the past through the evidences that could be found in certain items.
In particular, several things of the old were usually crafted using bronze, silver and gold. As people keep exploring and digging specific sites, they usually uncover gems and loose diamonds from ancient civilizations. Aside from the profit that one gains from it, the mere uncovering of artifacts that have survived several centuries is a venture that is definitely breath-taking. Buyers of these precious relics usually store these things in secure areas. Also, some may have several insurance quotes from companies who are willing to provide services and protection in case that these items are accidentally lost or missing.
Because of the luxurious price of these ancient items, some collectors may have a hard time on issuing a one-time payment. For this reason, a cash advance may be asked by the seller in order for the item to be reserved as a part of a lay-away plan. Once the whole item has been paid and purchased, collectors that display them on museums or auction halls specifically place them on guarded areas with CCTV cameras 24/7.
As a part of a museum display, ancient treasure items definitely entice both young and old to travel through time. It could be a fragment from an ancient Mayan City, or a jewelry that has adorned Cleopatra in her earliest splendor. These things actually make people understand the events that have occurred in the past. They serve as a missing link in between, the piece in the middle of a puzzle and the intersection that binds yesterday from today. Some discovered items, because of their historical significance are not sold even if it would take millions of dollars. These precious items are usually handed down from generation to generation, allowing the new breed to understand their culture and tradition through relics and antiques. It makes families and societies become more united, as they uncover the secrets and stories of the old.
Purchasing ancient treasure is not as easy as ordering from flowers victoria bc. It’s not even as close as bidding in pawnshop auctions. Ancient treasures are usually sold in specialty shops that have been accredited by authorized bodies. Who would want a fake, in the first place? And also, one should always bear in mind that these relics usually have historical significance, thus, some archaeologists may have found it before a private collector does and it could be marked up higher. Some serious hunters would even go and visit site areas that have been rumored to contain such items. However, treasure hunting should be done side by side with an expert.

Unbelievable Archaeology Discoveries

There are a lot of people who like to go in for an Africa safari each year and there are many more who would want to go for this exciting adventure but what a lot of people do not know is the fact that a lot of amazing archaeology discoveries have been made in this region. The belt along the river Nile has been one of the most famous regions and a lot of professional historians and archaeologists regularly embark on trips to this area to enjoy a good vacation, feast on tiramisu and try and make some discovery that would make them world famous. The Sahara desert in the African continent is another place which has been very famous over the years for people coming across something or the other which is of immense historical as well as financial value. You would be surprised to know that people spend months not even days in a year looking for historical artifacts in this area and it gives them a kind of thrill that one would associate with adventure sports or extreme adventures for the younger generation.

One very important thing to know when you are trying to look for an amazing archaeological artifact is that the history as well as the geography of the place must be well known. A lot of historians or adventurers have embarked on journeys that have led to nothing at all because of the simple reason that they paid more attention to history rather than the one site geography of the place. Anyone who has sound knowledge of both these fields even though they might be using a coconut oil moisturizer on their head would be well aware of what they are looking for and how must they go about this task.

Some of the most famous archaeological discoveries in Africa have been that of the Pyramids of Egypt and the Sphinx. These were found way back in time and you would be surprised to know that till date historians believe that there is more to these pyramids that meets the eye. Anyone fond of fantasy football help may not know much about this but there are a lot of people who get books home and watch serials and documentaries on the pyramids to gain more knowledge about the discoveries that have been made here. Ardent and devout historians pack off all their belongings and even their music player that may have a disc of Jerry Nolan playing drums inside and come to camp here in Africa near the pyramids in the hope that they would stumble upon something that would take them on the road to greatness. There is still a lot to be discovered in this exciting continent and as more and more historians come here we would keep hearing about new discoveries being made in this wonderful region on our planet.

Recent Archaeological Discoveries

New discoveries are being found around the world almost on a daily basis, some of these discoveries can be linked to particular times and tribes. Here are just a few of the discoveries that have taken place recently.


The first was when Israeli archaeologists found buried treasure in a settlement believed to be occupied by ancient Romans. Tel Aviv University dated the coins back to the tenth century; the one hundred and eight coins found are believed to be worth $500,000.

Inverness, Scotland

The next exciting discovery took place in Inverness in Scotland. They recently found prehistoric iron production equipment, the equipment included furnaces and metal working hearths which has caused speculation among the experts as to how important iron production really was in prehistoric times.

There were also several timber round houses found in the Inverness site, dating back to 700BC. You can find out more by searching online the same as you would for anti aging cream or gynexin reviews.

Northern Peru

An ancient tomb has been found in Northern Peru. The tomb is believed to be around 1,200 years old and includes both human remains and jewelry. If you were to visit site, you would notice that the jewelry included one hundred and twenty silver and copper ornaments, one hundred and sixteen pottery pieces, a golden ear flap and a silver plated crown.

You may always want to know how to lose weight fast, but these archaeologists are trying to determine who this tomb belonged to, a much harder task than losing weight.


Scotland has been fully of discoveries recently and they recently discovered a Roman symbol, believed to be that of fertility in Selkirk. The talisman is shaped like an eagle; the eagle comes out of a flower and has a berry in its mouth.

The artifact is made from a copper alloy and is an exciting discovery for the area. You can click link to find out more.


Flint tools dating back about 300,000 years has been found in France. The flints were perfectly preserved in the moist soil, which was being excavated in order to build a canal. All the organic remains could not be preserved due to the soil acidity, but this find is exciting for archaeologists. You can buy premium kratom capsules here, but you cannot find flint tools dating back so many years with such ease.

Mexico City

Archaeologists unearthed a skeleton in Mexico City which is believed to be around seven hundred years old. Once they found the skeleton they excavated further to find bones and skulls of around fifteen people, the majority of these were children believed to be travelling in the Aztec times.

Further discoveries includes ceramics, bowls and even the remains of a dog that is believed was used as a sacrifice, they cannot confirm what type of dog it could have been a Labrador Retriever or any other breed. This discovery is helping experts confirm their predictions that this area was a ceremonial center for the Tepanet tribe in the 1200’s.

Tips to Become an Archaeologist

For those contemplating of becoming an archaeologist, there are a few tips and tricks that will come in handy as you forge ahead in your chosen career path. Make no mistake about it; archaeologists dedicate their lives to the discovery of historical artifacts that may otherwise be lost to time and nature. Without archaeologists, we would all be a little less informed of many important facts about history much like how we’d all be a little ignorant about weight loss without HCG drops.

To this end, there are very important considerations that are necessary for an archaeologist to be successful, whether digging for artifacts in South Africa or South America, for any other part of the world for that matter.

1. Studying archaeology via formal means is not mandatory but can be very helpful. There are many universities and colleges around the world that offer formal degrees in archaeology just like there are courses for home remodeling, interior design and the likes. A formal education helps young and aspiring archaeologists develop the right skills and tools for a successful and long career in the field rather than learning the wrong skills via informal means.
2. Archaeologists need to develop a deep sense of love and like for many disciplines, one of the most important of which is history. Like dreamweaver templates in IT, history is the bedrock through which many of the archaeological finds are judged and valuated. It is therefore important to appreciate the story behind each find in order to give the artifact its due importance and special place in history.
3. Archaeology is a very hands-on field of study. For this, fitness and the willingness to experience new things is very important for success. It’s not like free government cell phones that you can take for granted; every setting and location demands something different and archaeologists must learn to recognize this for them to be adapted to their situation.
4. Patience is one of the most important virtues that an archaeologist can have. There are no signs over undiscovered artifacts that advertise that “this and that” can be found here. Archaeologists must be willing to spend an inordinate amount of time following through on their hunch in order to luck out on a find.
5. Learning for an archaeologist never ceases when formal education is done. An aspiring archaeologist must have a deep love for the unknown and be willing to put in the work to learn new things every day. To get more info on that unknown requires more time studying, which is what an archaeologist must always do when not traveling to dig new finds.

Archaeology is a very demanding career, but one that is replete with potential rewards for the right discoveries. By adopting the tips and tricks outlined above, among others, one can hope to be more prepared to tackle the challenges of archaeology and hopefully find something of value that will shed more light on the history of the human race as we strive to become better at forging ahead and creating a bright future for the human race.

Three Must Do Archaeology Trips

If archeology has always been one of your hidden passions or if it has always played an essential role in your life and you have always imagined going on all sorts of archaeology trips all around the world, but you just didn’t had the chance to do it quite yet for one reason or the other, please allow us to guide you towards three of the most prestigious, world-famous and breathtaking archaeological trips you could be at least contemplating taking. Choosing one of these very special trips is definitely not going to imply you having to spend a lot of time studying all sorts of boring criteria; after all, you are not going to have to choose between a masters in library science online, a masters of healthcare administration and a masters of education, but you are going to have to think real hard about the sort of scenery you would be most interested in seeing, the historical period you are most fascinated by and the type of sightseeing you would like to photographs and walk in on your own. We invite you to read article here or go on a specialized website that speaks about the best archaeological trips you could be taking around the world, squeeze all the information that you can and enjoy the amazing company of a top notch staff that is prepared to become your friends, your guides and your best teachers.

Greece and Europe in general make for one of the best choices in terms of archaeological trips; you could be taking a 16-day trip journey through beautiful Greece and get a sense of this amazing cradle of civilization. Mt Lykaion and Corinth make for two exquisite archaeological projects that could be capturing all of your interest in Greece, and visiting 6 extraordinary UNESCO World Heritage Sites such as the Sanctuary of Asklepios at Epidaurus, Mycenae, Olympia, Athen’s Acropolis and Tiryins is definitely a must-do in Greece.

England and Wales could be making for your second best or most-inspired choice in terms of archaeological sites you definitely need to visit during your lifetime. You cannot go without personally seeing the Egyptian collections and the Roman sites there and despite of the fact that a visit to the World Museum and Garstang Museum in Liverpool might not allow you to bring along your beloved Labrador retriever, you should definitely expect to receive all the medical aid that you need and also all of the guidance you are going to need inside these museums. Exploring the Roman Cirencester, the Chedworth Roman Villa and the Roman barracks and baths or famous amphitheatres could all become some of your favorite activities drenched in ancient archeology and rich history. You could be the possessor of an online MBA no GMAT degree or the owner of some accelerated BSN degrees or you could be enjoying some IT jobs; it does not even matter, as long as you can lay your hands on several thousand dollars that these archaeological trips are going to be asking of you.

The Southern part of India is yet another highly distinctive archaeological site that should certainly capture all of your attention; 2,000 years of surprising history, drenched in uncommon dynasties and beautiful empires are all to be seen at Hampi, Tanjore or Karaikudi.

India in Battle Over Hindu Temple’s Treasures

In the town of Kerala sits the Padmanabhaswamy temple, where for over 1,000 years worshippers would come and go without any idea of the fortunes of gems and gold sitting below them.

Opening of the vaults below the temple revealed these treasures estimated at around $21 billion. This is believed to have been collected over the years when worshippers would donate amounts according to their weight or if they missed worship they would pay a fine in gold.

The argument has erupted where the Kerala government believes the treasures should be there, but the 400 million residents believe that it should be handed to the smaller palace, as it was originally the treasures of the god Vishnu. Now unlike electricity rates or a winrar free download, these treasures mean something to the people; they are years’ worth of collections which should be handed to their rightful owners.

Without having an online finance degree it’s obvious that $21 billion is a lot of money, so it’s no surprise that the government has sealed the vaults and has them guarded by gunned men twenty four hours a day, while a full inventory is taken.

It is believed that the full inventory can take up to a year in the vaults, which have been named A to F and only then decisions will be made on what to do with this large sum of gems and gold, which include jewelry and other historical items.

You can get a healthcare mba or an online masters degree programs online, but you cannot find historical treasures like this, that actually mean something to the people of the area.

The residents of Kerala fear that should the treasures be released to the government, they will not be used wisely and will be gone within weeks. They believe that the government has no right to make a decision on the wish of their god Vishnu and the treasures should rather be handed over to the smaller palace.

You have to understand where these residents are coming from, it’s their temple and their town and they have strong beliefs, it’s not like a simple decision on buying chin up bars or web design labels, the decision on who gets the treasure cannot be taken lightly.

It looks as though this argument is going to go on for at least another year or two leaving the right to the treasures up in the air and anyone’s guess on who will get them. You will find one day a click here button on the internet that will tell you the outcome.

But for now only a few select people can enter the temple and are thoroughly searched on entering and leaving by the guards. If you think about it if you need an Electrician Sydney or San Diego Flooring you can do a simple online search and you are welcomed with a choice of results. These residents won’t have a say in what happens to the treasure, they will have to wait until the decision is made and accept the outcome.