The Top Archaeological Finds in the Last Century

Numerous strange discoveries have been made throughout history. Due to the rapid increase in population over the past century, archaeological findings have boomed exponentially. These discoveries have made us doubt various religious beliefs and the real origins of life have come under question.
It is not necessary for a professional archaeologists or people with masters degree in information technology to make such findings but indeed young kids have unearthed wonders. Take the example of the eleven year old who led a Yale university professor to the lost city of Incas. This kid did not have a MBA finance degree, neither did he hold a firm grasp on any popular ERP software. What he did have was an eye for adventure which led him to treasure such a remarkable location.

On the other hand, arguably, one of the biggest discoveries ever made were of a horned human skulls which were found deep within the jungles of Pennsylvania during the late eighteenth century. Renowned MPH programs of that time tried to study those skulls but they were stolen before any stable conclusions could be drawn. Rumors were that these skulls belonged to beings from outer space which might have accidentally landed on earth.

Recently, a Mexican found statues of dinosaurs from the ground which have been dated back to around 2500 BC. These statues show clear depictions of several species of carnivorous and herbivorous reptiles that once roamed our planet. If this discovery is proven to be right, the theory of evolution will have to be discarded and literal description of human origin, from the Bible, will have to be accepted. The Mexican is also said to have been a Belize real estate agent who spread these rumors for sheer popularity.
In 1938, a team of scientists was sent to the mountains of China which border with Tibet. The purpose was to find and characterize some extraordinary findings in that area. The findings consisted of disks and mass graves of short beings. Amazingly, carvings on the disks could be read and at that time it was said that they were related to some ancient, unknown language. It is needless to mention that the qualified team of scientists included candidates from one of the best aacsb online MBA and MSW online universities of today. Some even say that the writings indicate that one example plants were used to heal wounds of injured tribesmen in those areas.

Beauty comes at a price and cosmetics including anti aging skin products have been excavated out of Egyptian pyramids. It has been estimated that these products could age back to 10,000 BC which makes them the oldest cosmetics ever discovered in history. Great discoveries are made each day and if someone wants to choose to go to the best online MBA program or become an archaeologist, it really depends on his taste.