Recent Archaeological Discoveries

New discoveries are being found around the world almost on a daily basis, some of these discoveries can be linked to particular times and tribes. Here are just a few of the discoveries that have taken place recently.


The first was when Israeli archaeologists found buried treasure in a settlement believed to be occupied by ancient Romans. Tel Aviv University dated the coins back to the tenth century; the one hundred and eight coins found are believed to be worth $500,000.

Inverness, Scotland

The next exciting discovery took place in Inverness in Scotland. They recently found prehistoric iron production equipment, the equipment included furnaces and metal working hearths which has caused speculation among the experts as to how important iron production really was in prehistoric times.

There were also several timber round houses found in the Inverness site, dating back to 700BC. You can find out more by searching online the same as you would for anti aging cream or gynexin reviews.

Northern Peru

An ancient tomb has been found in Northern Peru. The tomb is believed to be around 1,200 years old and includes both human remains and jewelry. If you were to visit site, you would notice that the jewelry included one hundred and twenty silver and copper ornaments, one hundred and sixteen pottery pieces, a golden ear flap and a silver plated crown.

You may always want to know how to lose weight fast, but these archaeologists are trying to determine who this tomb belonged to, a much harder task than losing weight.


Scotland has been fully of discoveries recently and they recently discovered a Roman symbol, believed to be that of fertility in Selkirk. The talisman is shaped like an eagle; the eagle comes out of a flower and has a berry in its mouth.

The artifact is made from a copper alloy and is an exciting discovery for the area. You can click link to find out more.


Flint tools dating back about 300,000 years has been found in France. The flints were perfectly preserved in the moist soil, which was being excavated in order to build a canal. All the organic remains could not be preserved due to the soil acidity, but this find is exciting for archaeologists. You can buy premium kratom capsules here, but you cannot find flint tools dating back so many years with such ease.

Mexico City

Archaeologists unearthed a skeleton in Mexico City which is believed to be around seven hundred years old. Once they found the skeleton they excavated further to find bones and skulls of around fifteen people, the majority of these were children believed to be travelling in the Aztec times.

Further discoveries includes ceramics, bowls and even the remains of a dog that is believed was used as a sacrifice, they cannot confirm what type of dog it could have been a Labrador Retriever or any other breed. This discovery is helping experts confirm their predictions that this area was a ceremonial center for the Tepanet tribe in the 1200’s.